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Adventure of the day, part 1.

Hey you guys!
Today it wasn't raining so we went to Koli. It's this big Finnish place what probably is the best place where you can see the common Finnish nature (: Because of mom i remembered to take our camera with me and i tried to take as much pictures i could. There was really cold and windy, but we managed :D First we went to this Kolin portti, in English it means Koli's gate. We went to buy some candy and soda from there.

So that's us going to the Koli :D Mom, Dani and Alexi were sitting in the front seat so i didn't take pictures of them in the beginning of the trip. So the first one is my little sister Jenita, she's eleven. Then my little sister Henni, she's 14. Then my big sister Viivi, she's 19. Then me myself, i'm 16 :D And then Zach who is 20.
You may notice that Jenita and Henni has a different colored skin than i have and it's because they're not my biological sisters. We are fostering.

Koli's gate.

Aren't we pretty?

Then the shop we went to (:

We also bought a puzzle for Zach's little sister, who is about 3-4 years old. The puzzle's picture is our Finland :D We went to a shop where there were plenty of souvenirs, but pretty expensive stuff.

I noticed that this post is getting really long so i'm doing this trip in two parts :D This was the first part and on the second part there will be Koli's landscape (:

That video doesn't make any sense, but it's there so, enjoy? :D

See you soon in another post, the second part of today

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Satzu kirjoitti...

en kestä tätä postausta :----D ja veljes on hyvä laskemaan mäkeä XDDDD

ida kirjoitti...

ollaan varmaan aika ihania? :---DDd

Sonja kirjoitti...

olit samana päivänä kolinportilla, ku myö meinattiin mennä sinne kahville matkan varrella :)
ja ny toimii tää kommentoiminen!