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Sorry, this will be a really short post, but it's all ready so late and i'm too tired and lazy to make a great story for you guys of my day. Well, basically all we did was went to Joensuu and on a flea market and i found three shirts that i probably will wash first and then take pictures of them, but i'll do it after Zach has gone back to Australia.

Zach also said that he thinks that Finnish language sounds pretty :D I personally don't think so, but of course that's nicer to hear than him saying it's ugly and ridiculous. We went to subway and god how i love that place ! It's just perfect. If i would have the money i would by the company and eat subway all day long :D Fuck the fitness, feel the fatness! That's what i said when we were buying candy and Zach thought it was hilarious :D

Umm, i don't think i'll have anything else to say.. except three things. First,  We have to spend tomorrow night a little more properly because today we were just sitting on the computer whole night, but we were talking to him, so it wasn't a total neglect :D Tomorrow night we'll have to play cards with him and stuff, maybe teach him a little bit of Finnish words and stuff :D You got any ideas?

Second, We are also going to koli someday on this vacation. I don't know which day or are we even going if the weather is awful. Hopefully it's not gonna be a bad weather.We're going to show Zach some Finnish nature (:

Third, About our dog. We have three dogs and one (the mother, two other are puppies) had to be taken into another family, because she's over protective and she'll scare our cows through the fences and she couldn't stand other female dogs. So she wasn't mentally okay. She was like a troublemaker. A really sweet and a nice dog to people but not to animals. She was so beautiful, the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen on a dog, but i'm glad that she's just going on to a new family and not like putted to sleep. At first, that was the solution to this problem, but then they decided to try and not put her to sleep and when we first thought that she's going to sleep away, we started crying our eyes out. It was awful. But now i'm kinda okay with this situation, of course i'm gonna miss her, but this is better for her and for us.

Umm, i guess that was all. Okay, so bye and sleep well

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