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it's a wonderful, wonderful life

Hi again (: I noticed that i have a one follower, so thank you !

So, my schoolweek started today with a new schedule and new subjects, so i don't have all the books that i should have for the classes and teachers don't really appreciate that, but what can you do :D I have three days that start 8am and end half 4 pm, so that's not nice at all but gladly the other two days are ''only'' till 2pm from 8am. My Thursday actually doesn't start until  half 10am and ends half 4pm, but still i have to go to school by the  bus that goes about half 8am, so i have to figure out how i can make the time pass. I'll go visit the dorm with Sanna if Tytti and Mara accept us :D I'll have to think about it though.

Today was a great day even though i was feeling a little down because of my face again, i can't help it, but i just don't like it. But then i just forgot about it after the morning. Everybody was nice at school and happy and all, and Johannes even came to talk to me after the school when we were waiting for our bus and that was a big surprise :D He has been talking to me in Facebook but not in school, so that was surprising.

A little about my weekend. The highlight of my weekend was that i saw a shooting star First time ever! It was really beautiful (: I hope you all who haven't seen one, will see one or many soon. I forgot to wish for something, but it doesn't matter 'cause i don't believe in those wishing things that much, but of course it would be nice that the wish could come true...

So, there's a little about my week and school life (:
Hope you all have a nice day (: !

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