torstaina, lokakuuta 20

If perfect's what you're searching for then just stay the same.

People should blog more often :D ! You must think: ''who is she to say?'' because i do know that sometimes my posting schedule is a little f****** up, but now i've been really trying to post something everyday (:
Today, as you can see, i'm posting two times and there's also a reason for that. I do want to have many readers and make my blog interesting, but it's hard when i don't know what people want. You know, i'm not i mind reader. If you have anything you would want me to add on my blog or some wishes for the following posts, i'm more than happy to receive your ideas, so don't be shy to comment me on any post (:

So, this post's meaning was showing you guys some pictures. I don't remember what night it was, but one night there was a really beautiful sky and i just had to take some pictures of it, it was so beautiful. Although it was more beautiful in reality than in the photos, but hope they are good enough (:

Also, i'll show you my background image on my laptop. Love it

The most beautiful man on earth, seriously :D Loove him

Also, do you want me to make a poll for you, so you can rate the best qualities on my blog?



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MaWika kirjoitti...

Missä täällä on se nappi et voin seurata tätäää!! :(

ida kirjoitti...

se on varmaan siellä ihan alhaalla :D ihana marika ♥ ja jos et löydä niin kopioi linkki ja mee sitten omaan hallintapaneeliin ja siinä missä näkyy ne blogit mitä seuraat sen alapuolella lukee ''Lisää'' ja ''Hallinnoi'', niin painat sitä Lisää ja sitten laitat sen mun blogin osoitteen (eli sen linkin) ja siihen tulee se seuraa julkisesti tms :D