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Long and nice day

So, today has been a really long day. We woke up at 6am (mom, me & my sisters (Viivi & Henni)
First we drove to the airport to pick this guy from Australia to visit us for a week. So, we had to drive for an hour trip to Joensuu's airport from Ilomantsi and that's like an hour trip. We were at the airport at 8am something. Zach's, This Australian guy's flight should have been on Joensuu 25 past 8. And it was. Except Zach wasn't on it. We started to be really worried and frustrated to the situation, because we did the same waking-up-and-going-to-the-airport thing yesterday, on monday.
Soon we got to know about what's going on. Zach had missed his flight for 5 MINUTES. Gosh we were annoyed and him too. But gladly we got him to us finally today.
Monday's thing went like this. We woke up a little later than today. Half past 6am. Quickly we did everything and jumped on the car and started driving around half past 7am. When we got to the airport, the time was quarter to 9am. We started panicking and were wondering if he had gone wondering some where. Soon mom got this idea for Viivi to go to Facebook and see if there was anything new from him. Of course there was. His plane had broken and he had to stay in Bangkok for a day and he also lost his wallet. So, no luck was with him on his FIRST trip ever from Australia to anywhere.

We were supposed to go ice skating with him today at 12pm -1pm. But since he missed his flight he was at Joensuu 20 past 12pm, so we had to go with out him, 'cause it had cost us 80e, so we didn't want to waste it and it ended up being fun (: Sadly i didn't think of getting a camera with me.. Sorry guys :s

Today we have just been talking with him and getting to know him a little better. We went to Hesburger with him and he said that the fries are a little different but the burger was good :D Also pepper was a little ''ticker''.
We bought salmiakki for him so he could taste a little bit of Finnish food culture ;D I myself don't like salmiakki, but he said it's not bad at all. We also had sauna today and he said that in Australia they don't use sauna as a getting-yourself-clean, but they do have sauna and they go there like with clothes on! Not like a jumper or a sweat suit, but like t-shirt and shorts and then when they start to sweat, they either go to shower or swimming :D

Tomorrow i get to sleep a little longer, but i do have to be in Joensuu before 1pm. We will be taking Zach with us to Joensuu and maybe do a little shopping! Hopefully! I love flea markets. I don't know if we're all going, but at least I, Viivi, Mom, Henni and Zach are going. I have a psychologist's appointment tomorrow, but i'm not really excited about it.

So, that was all from today's, i guess. It really has been a long long day, but at least in a positive way! Also, i have to tell you about our dog tomorrow. Now it's a little too late and would just make this post a little too long what it all ready is :D Hope you don't mind.

Have a nice Fall vacation everyone (who has it) !

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