torstaina, lokakuuta 6

the sun wont lay in our hands forever

So, it's me again.

I noticed how much i missed bloggin' even though my life is so boring and lame, but i wanted to start bloggin' in english 'cause i prefer writing in english than in finnish. Finnish sounds stupid, especially from my mouth and everything sounds better in english.

So, a little about my week. I'm in highschool and i had a testweek and i had 5 tests. I hope i passed all of them, but i'm not so sure about the physics test.. i'm no good in physics or in maths. I think i'm doing alright in languages, a part from learning English and Swedish, i'm learning German, too. I'm thinking i'll start to learn Spanish on the net.

Well yeah, this was a really boring and lame post, without any pictures and all, but i think i'll start posting with more pictures and with more stuff to tell or then i'll be lazy. we'll see.

bye huns

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