torstaina, lokakuuta 20

Lazy day

Today we have just been inside and haven't done anything for example like, showing Zach some Finnish nature or stuff like that. We do have been teaching him Finnish card games and he has been teaching to Henni some card tricks :D This far we have taught him paskahousu, musta maija, ristiseiska (i guess) and kusetus :D And also this far he can say Kiitos, Mikä sinun nimesi on, nimeni on, pokemon on mahtava, vittu, luhta, melkein, pieni, kissa and some other random words :D

He did say that all that he wanted from this trip was to hang out with his Finnish friends, but of course we want him to get some Finnish experiences and enjoy this time his spending here. He got to see snow, taste salmiakki, learn a few Finnish card games, experience sauna, hear and see some Finnish culture, See Joensuu a little bit, Eat Finnish subway :D , Hang around in the Shopping center Iso myy in Joensuu with us and all that kinds of stuff (: I hope he's happy.

We are hoping to get to visit Koli tomorrow and show him the common Finnish nature (: I would want to go there even if we would have such a bad luck that it would be raining, but i guess nobody else would be excited about it. But if we do go there, i'll try to remember to take our camera with me and take a few pictures, so it would bring a little life on this blog :D

I'll jump on to a new subject. I've decided to teach our little baby dogs how to behave when they're inside. They shouldn't fight, jump on the couch, bite us or jump against other people. They have learned the ''sit'' command, but almost nothing else. Now, every time i see them fighting, i go between them and crab their collar and make them sit. If they're trying to bite each other or tease another, i'll gently tap them on their forehead or step on their toes. They also should learn the ''here'' command properly. Also when the other starts fighting and doesn't obey you after the first separating attempt, then the one who is still teasing the other one, will go outside. Just to let them know and understand what the rules are when you're inside. We also have to buy them some bones, otherwise they're going to eat our chairs and all that kinds of stuff. I'll try not to be too harsh on them, considering they still are puppies, only 8 months old, even though they don't look like puppies :D A really big breed called Maremmano-Abruzzese, you can Google it and see for yourself, since i have my new computer and i don't have any pictures of them. If you do want to see our baby dogs, then comment on this post that you wanna see how they look like (: 

Nothing else for now. Enjoy the last few days of fall vacation !

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