sunnuntaina, lokakuuta 23

~ Don't worry, be happy ~ ♥

A lot to do.

I've been doing my homework and school stuff, also laundry and figured out some stuff i need to do and have to be done.
I can't figure out anything to say, so i'll just put the pictures here that i took today.

I took some pictures of the flea market clothes that i had earlier bought, but the pictures didn't come out good, so umm, maybe tomorrow after school when i have make up and my hair is done i can take pictures of them on me, so you'll see the shape properly (: Now i'm too lazy to put make up and do my hair, so you'll just have to wait :D

Also i noticed that i have lost one of my favorite necklaces and i'm trying to find it, 'cause i like it and it cost 7-8e. That's a lot to me, 'cause i'm not so rich :D

At the moment i have 30e and a little bit on top, i have to save money for my trip to German, so i can buy souvenirs and presents for my twin sisters. They had their birthday on the 8th of October. Of course, i would want to find something nice for myself too, but we'll see. So, basically i shouldn't buy anything before the trip, so i would have enough money, but we'll see if i'll manage on that :D

Zach left yesterday and i'm just relieved.

Also yesterday i pierced my own ear and made a fourth piercing on my right ear. Now there's 8 of them altogether.

On the first pic is the new piercing and it's not painful anymore, unless you touch it or when you go to sleep and you would like to lay on your right side, but your ear is so sore ;__; All night, i was about to turn on the right side, but then i remembered that i can't, so it was really uncomfortable to just lay on your left side all night :c i didn't like it.

Tomorrow school starts. Have to be awake at 6am. So much fun. I have a dentist first thing on the morning and i hate it. Gladly i've brushed under my braises now properly, so he won't nag about it :3

I've also been thinking that would you guys like me too write in English or in Finnish?
Because at least for now, i don't have anyone following me who would be a foreigner, you're all from Finland. And there's 4 of you! I've never had 4 followers :D Lame i know.

But yeah, thanks for that and keep on living !

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